Cardio Exercise Vs Strength Training

While assessing the success of any workout programme, one of the most important parameters to consider is its efficacy in toning your entire body. A complete workout programme should therefore include workouts that target different major and minor muscle groups across your body and not just certain isolated pockets. The certificate 3 in fitness will show personal trainers how to write these programs.

What you need is both cardio and strength training although there is a raging debate about the superiority of one over the other. There are supporters and opponents of both with men being chiefly associated with strength training and women with aerobic/cardio workouts such as jogging, swimming or dance. However, any competent personal trainer Maroubra will tell you that both cardio and strength training should be an integral part of your regular workout schedule despite each having its own pros and cons.

Cardio or Aerobic Exercise
The major benefit of cardio exercise with personal training is that it dramatically improves your cardiovascular fitness. Regular cardio exercise causes both your lungs to intake and process more energizing oxygen with much less effort. Your cardiac muscles too can pump more blood with fewer exertions and are able to supply more oxygen enriched blood to the muscles. Regular cardio workouts therefore improve both your physical stamina and efficiency.

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Further Benefits
Apart from enhancing your cardiovascular fitness, aerobic exercises also help in weight loss. Combined with the right diet and other workout modules, you can lose significant weight and tone your entire body by doing cardios. Aerobic workout also helps release endorphins that reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Your body’s immunity too improves and you fall sick less often. You feel more energized and your quality of life improves in general.

Injury to your legs and feet are the most common risk factors of cardio exercise. Stress fractures caused due to hard surfaces or poor shoes afflict most exercises who do cardios regularly. You may also be afflicted with arch pain in the foot or heel spurs. Shin splints or aching calf muscles are other common situations you should be prepared for.

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Strength Training or Weight Training
Strength training, also known as weight training or resistance training, plays a vital part in improving your self-confidence by increasing your muscular strength; toning your body and enhancing physical endurance. It also helps you to maintain an ideal body mass so that you look lean and well-proportioned. In the long run, this helps reduce risk of several chronic ailments such as hypertension or osteoporosis; prevents injuries caused by weak muscles and improves your overall balance and mobility.

It is only by using free weights during strength training under a dangerouslyfit personal trainer that you can distinguish a noticeable improvement in your overall muscle mass. Such weights use the natural motion and power of your body to strengthen your muscles and provide greater stability to your entire body. In fact, strength training is quite imperative for those undergoing rehabilitation after an accident or injury.

The greatest pitfall of strength training is that it makes you more prone to injuries as compared to aerobics. The workouts are more intense and strenuous and you should never undertake to do them without the supervision of your personal trainer. Moreover, certain workouts are so complicated that you need regular practice and a certain level of expertise before attempting them.

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