Interior Decoration Tips for Planning a New Home

Starting plans from the scratch can give anxiety attacks sometimes and can become complicated once you think three dimensionally, but the truth is interior decoration is very simple. Concentrate on the details. Work in everything from scratch to finish.

Any basic requirement of a new home is to decide which side you would like to open out to watch sunrises or mountain/lake views. That gives your building a facade.

Work Off-Site
Most of the interior decoration, planning and setting up is done at your home but other materials such as tables or shelves are made in the company’s workshop. It is advisable to be present to just watch or suggest changes, most importantly if it is custom made.

Look Up
Detailing on the floors and walls get a lot of attention at the same time leaving lofts and ceilings bare can make your perfect interior decoration look out of place. Paint the ceiling with a soft undertone of your wall colour. Add a few closed shelves if the room has a tall ceiling. Cabinets like these give you some storage space at the same time not making your room look empty and deserted. You can also make high doors like 8-foot sorts that give a lofty feel.

Keep Extras
For fragile materials such as tiles, get 10% extra during transportation to compensate breakage. Other materials used for Interior decoration such as paint, equipments, wall plasters and window panes, buy extra to keep you from fearing shortage or breakage. Here some pictures on Denby’s Twitter page.

Make Wise Choices
Such as investing on a stone fireplace that retains heat in winter and keeps cool in summer.

Use temperature-friendly drapes or rugs that help in intense weather conditions so you don’t have to waste a lot of energy turning the heat/air conditioner on.

Shedding too much light
It’s overwhelming to see the beautifully crafted chandeliers or lights in your new home, but make sure you don’t over light the room to make people squint while entering the room.

Make sure you room is sufficiently lit. To add some more details or extra lighting, use dim lit bedside lamps or hanging lanterns on the porches. Be open to other options such as compact fluorescent, halogen or LED.

Don’t Over-Use

Denby Dowling at Interior Decoration Sydney says “Every floor needs a storage space. When you are thinking of decorating every room, leave some unused nooks to create some storage space.”

In small homes, arrange the household items efficiently in such a way that if does not look congested. Do not splurge on a luxury tub if the bathroom space is small. Built-in shelves in the bathroom and bedrooms give more space and looks compact.

Go Vintage
There’s always class to vintage items. Decide your living room with antiques and pair it with blending wall paint, drapes or wooden tables. You don’t have to be en Vogue for all the materials, sometimes stony floors can be replaced with slate floor tiles.

Adding a touch of brown in carpets, sofas or fireplaces give a warm look to your perfect home. There are some lovely interior design ideas at

Plain White
Rooms that are painted plain white can be too simple and give an overwhelming empty space, it is still possible to give it a chic look using interior decoration with accessories like sofas in smokey grey color.

Colorful throw pillows and a touch of graphic art can give your white space a splash of color. Add mismatched dining chairs that compliment all the colors in the table cloth.

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