Steel Mace Training Build Military Men

Steel mace training was designed to improve the physical and mental abilities and endurance of military recruits.

They are slowly becoming a workout of choice for many people. If you are a person who enjoys exercising outdoors and doing varied rigorous activities to get fit, then you must train with a steel mace.

Take part in a macebell workshop that takes the time to show you how to use them correctly.

Meet new people

Steel Mace Boot camps are all about doing various physical activities with a group of people.

You get to meet new people and form new friendships and this helps increase your socializing skills.

What size steel mace to start with will depend on your training history, start light as you can always go heavier later.

Ample sunlight and air

Steel Mace Boot camps make you do activities in which you are exposed to ample sunlight and fresh air.

This helps your body make lots of Vitamin D which strengthens your bones.

Your lungs breathe in fresh air and this helps in increasing fresh blood supply to your brain and other body tissues.

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