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Submissions on Resource Consent Applications

Assessing a resource consent application

In order to decide whether or not to lodge a submission, you will need to assess a resource consent application, to determine the effects of the proposed activity on the environment (including any effects on your interests).

Providing written approval

A resource consent applicant may ask you to give written approval to the application. This is often because the local authority has indicated that it will not notify the application if the written approval of affected parties can be obtained.

Preparing submissions on resource consent applications

Once you have identified the issues you would like to raise in a submission you will need to prepare a written submission to lodge with the consent authority and serve on the applicant.

Pre-hearing meetings

Pre-hearing meetings are held to facilitate the resolution of disputed issues by agreement.

Presenting submissions at council hearings

If you have lodged a submission or further submission and indicated that you wish to be heard, you will be given the opportunity of presenting oral submissions and evidence at a hearing convened by the consent authority.