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Processing of Resource Consent Applications

Resource consent applications are processed through a number of stages including requesting further information, making a decision on notification, receiving public submissions, holding pre-hearing meetings, holding a public hearing and issuing a decision (see Figure 7).

For a diagram showing the complete application process click here

Application received by consent authority

For information about the lodging of the application click here

Further information requested

For information about the consent authority's right to request further information click here

Decision made whether to notify application

For information about the consent authority's right to decide whether to notify an application click here

Submissions lodged

For information about the lodging of submissions click here

Request for independent commissioner

For information about how to request an independent commissioner click here

Pre-hearing meeting

For information about pre-hearing meetings click here

Decision made whether or not to hold hearing

The consent authority decides whether or not a hearing will be held (section 100). A hearing must be held if either the applicant or a submitter has requested to be heard and this request has not subsequently been withdrawn.

Hearing held

For information about hearings click here

Decision made

For information about the way the consent authority will make a decision click here

Conditions placed on a resource consent

For information about the conditions that can be placed on a resource consent click here

Duration of consents

For information about the duration of consents click here

Transfer of consents

For information about transferring consents click here

Appeal lodged with Environment Court

For information about appeals to the Environment Court click here

Power to extend time limits

Provision is made in the RMA for the extension of time limits prescribed under the Act (see section 37). If special circumstances apply  the maximum extension permitted is double the prescribed maximum time limit unless the applicant agrees to a greater extension (section 37A).

Relevant legal provisions

For legal provisions relating to the consent process click here

Further information

For further information click here