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Water Conservation Orders

Water conservation orders protect outstanding amenity or intrinsic values of waters in their natural or altered states.

What is a Water Conservation Order?

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What is the effect of a water conservation order?

Consent authorities may not grant resource consent which would be contrary to the water conservation order but consents granted before the order is made are unaffected (section 217). In addition, regional policy statements, regional plans and district plans may not be inconsistent with any water conservation order.

Can water conservation orders be amended or revoked?

After a water conservation order has been in place for 2 years, any person can apply to revoke or amend the order. Such an application is normally processed in the same way as an application for a water conservation order. Where the application will, in the opinion of the Minister for the Environment, result in a minor effect and the original applicant for the order and the regional council agrees to the amendment the Minister can recommend the amendment without going through the inquiry process (Section 216).

What are the relevant legal provisions?

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How do you apply for a Water Conservation Order?

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Landmark court decisions

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Where can you get further information?

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